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A fungal foray around woods in Kirkcaldy, and Dunnikier Park. Found big flushes of wood blewits that were too old, and small flushes that were in good enough condition to harvest. Lots of cloudy funnels that were well past it as well. In Dysart cemetery, picked up some agricus that bruised red and were smaller than Prince; no definitive ID but definitely safe so ate them (they were good); and two parasols (my first!) which we decided were shaggy parasol because they're smaller, and shaggy.

Also found:

  • beautiful blue/grey oysters on a log practically in the middle of town;
  • a saffron milkcap that was so old it was mouldy, but still nice to see;
  • a new cep spot with ancient remains, but logged for next year..
  • lots of small pink mushrooms that seem to grow wherever the wood blewit are, but haven't IDed yet; they smell of raw potatoes;
  • a grey/white mushroom with wide gills, and a really distinctive floral smell;
  • some very late season blushers/panther caps;
  • lots of bright wax caps;
  • a single charcoal burner.

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Discovered wood blewit and honey fungus spots in Ravenscraig Park. Picked up some veiled oysters too! (I think that's what they are.. they have super hefty stems and a really good taste.) Surveyed the edge of Dunnikier Park, and fields on the way to Thornton. Some good spots to go back to at the right time, next year.

🗁Added 26 photos to album Foraging 2021.

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On the lookout for wood blewit and trooping funnels between Kirkcaldy and Wemyss. Not much luck (a couple of wood blewits) but did find some late chanterelles, a cloudy funnel (too old to eat), butter caps, and some very pretty brackets.

This morning my brother found me buzzing around at 7am in the kitchen, nodded knowingly, and said "ah it's your superfan day. That's why you're up early getting all your jars out."

And indeed! The grand opening of the Kirkcaldy branch of Grain and Sustain has arrived!

I got there just after 9 to find it delightfully buzzing, jammed my backpack full of jars of supplies, and had lovely chats with a few local business owners who I bumped into who I also see regularly. Plus the sun was out. I am feeling the love for Fife!

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The chocolate cake is my interpretation of Sachertorte because I knew we had some apricot jam lying around in the community kitchen from last week.

And then I get to tell everyone about the time I single-handedly made sachertorte for about 170 people in the mountains outside Vienna a few years ago.

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