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Homemade ravioli stuffed with smoked cashew cheese (from Kama Vegan Bakes) were a success!

Tried to adapt my perfect stuffed matcha cookies to use peanut butter and be stuffed with compote, but they were way too soft, and should have baked longer.

Also bread.

Week in review: 9th - 15th May

  • Long peppers sprouted! Many!
  • Three days in Wortley Hall with ODSC! For our first almost-whole-coop IRL meeting since the beforetimes. We had a great time, got some useful strategic thinking done, went on long walks in the Yorkshire countryside, and - as is traditional - ate lots of carbs.
  • Attended a W3C FO Council meeting.
  • Saw the Ethical Web Principles and Privacy Principles move onto the W3C Statement Track.
  • Looked inside some rocks.
  • Enjoyed a day in Buckhaven for a CLEAR gardens open day and plant sale. Helped out at the stall selling locally grown and made jams, chutneys, relish, etc. Came home with two sunflowers, and two pretty rockery succulents..
  • Looked for dryads saddle on the way back, and found enough for a few meals, but not a ton.
  • Planted out brussel sprouts, and many romanesco, and for some reason loads more onions. Potted up even more of the celery seedlings, with a view to giving as much away as possible, and also the aubergine and sweet peppers that sprouted late, though no idea where they're going to live yet.
  • Someone deposited a bag of large cabbage leaves on my doorstep, so I made stuffed cabbage, Eastern Europe stylee.

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My upstairs neighbour left me a bag of massive cabbage leaves, so what else is there to do but make stuffed cabbage rolls? I've eaten the like in Czech Republic, Ukraine, Poland, and doubtless other places in Eastern Europe too. I didn't follow any particular recipe, but made the rice filling with brown and black lentils, onion and goji berries, and the sauce from onion, tomato and carrot. After blanching and stuffing the cabbage leaves, I simmered them in the sauce for about an hour. Delicioius!

In a further burst of inspiration, I made matcha and white chocolate cookies, and they came out perfect. I have been seeking this cookie texture my whole life. I hope I can replicate it with other flavours.

Also pictured: lunch with Kama vegan bakes pies and homemade pickled tomatoes.

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A wee chilli harvest. Many long peppers are growing. Planted out brussels sprouts and romanesco in the garden. Potted up aubergine, sweet peppers and yet more celery. Planted sunflowers and rockery plants in the footpath garden.

Look at the flower on the salsify we have been neglecting!

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A few hours in Buckhaven, helping CLEAR out with a plant and local produce sale and gardens open day. Then a walk through the woods to admire the bluebells. Found a few dryad's saddle, but not a lot and nothing else.