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Week in review: 11 - 17 March

  • Chilled in Girona. Walked the city walls, checked out the mostly okay vegan food scene.
  • Made some friends, rented a car. Took a trip to Badalona, Barcelona's evil twin.
  • Daytripped to Andorra, drove through the snowy mountains, detoured through France and stopped at a hot springs.
  • Took a smaller roadtrip to Sa Tuna bay. Chilled on the beach, climbed on rocks.
  • A small roadtrop to Blanes for more beach time before returning the car.
  • Somewhere in between that, managed to do some BODS i18n docs.
  • Took a nightbus to Nice. Discovered Nice is very expensive and not great.
  • Proofread the VC spec, which is getting ready for CR.
  • Almost caught up on sleep I guess.

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Week in review: 4 - 10 March

  • Attended 2 days of W3C Verifiable Claims Working Group meetings.
  • Continued eating and hanging out and staying up too late in Barcelona.
  • Tried to take a couple of days to deflate but actually socialised more.
  • Joined the International Womens' Day March for a morning in Barcelona.
  • Took a train to Girona. Settled into a nice hostel in a far more peaceful place.

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Post-conference deflating in Barcelona. A Digital Bazaar field trip to the epic and alien La Sagrada Familia, and a ride on the cable car to the castle. And some more vegan restaurant tours.

Then couple of days almost by myself. I joined the International Women's Day march through the city; it was a huge crowd, and so young. Much public transport was shut down.

🗁Added 72 photos to album Spain and France, March 2019.

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Barcelona. A little touristing, more eating, but mostly time spent at the Rebooting Web of Trust 8 conference and the Verifiable Claims Working Group meeting. It was a productive and fun few days, but the most exciting part was getting the entire VCWG to a fully vegan tapas bar (called BarCeloneta, by the beach) two nights in a row (people asked to go back!)

Week in review: 25 Feb - 3 March

  • Took a ferry from Patras to Bari. Spent a day in Bari.
  • Took a bus from Bari to Rome, then a train from Rome to Civitavecchia, then a ferry from Civitavecchia to Barcelona.
  • Attended 3 days of Rebooting the Web of Trust conference. Was hella productive on the DID spec.
  • Did some touristing and eating and hanging out and eating in Barcelona. Stayed up way too late, woke up way too early.

🏷 travel week in review Rebooting the Web of Trust #8 conference