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Oat milk and crisps

Wholey Wonder smoothie bowl, and snickers bars

Coconut oil chocolate pie

The Wild Pasir Panjang cook was away so I made my own dinner with the provided vegetables and spices

dahl and chaptai dahl and chapati

Pizza with vegetables and daiya, crust from Wholefoods. Melty melty.

I marinated firm tofu in lime juice, soy sauce, and chilli flakes for about an hour, then dry fried it on the Wholey Wonder grill pan. It was amazing.. consistency of halloumi; a little salty for some people, but definitely hit a spot that used to be hit by cheese for me. We ate it with a bunch of stir fried veggies and lentils.

Improv chocolate cookies: white flour, cocoa, baking soda, dessicated coconut, oat pulp (from the oat milk), vegan margarine, coconut sugar

Chocolate chapati

Tofu quiche at WW, surprisingly structurally sound

I spent all day at WW yesterday making this rainbow cheesecake. I was interrupted a lot, and took a break to make the snickers bar (also pictured) but I still want to rename it the 'forever cheesecake'. The base cheesecake cream is cashew, cocoa butter, and coconut milk. The pink/red layer is dragonfruit, the yellow is mango, the purple/blue is blueberry, and the green is spirulina.

Charred tempeh..

Tofu, black beans, various vegetables, lots of chilli and hot sauce, in a spelt wrap

Pizza and fries; milk and cookies

Burger tower and homemade fries

Colours of joy

Cookies for grownups

Classic mushrooms and jalapenos on sour dough

Raw coconut lemon bars with dark chocolate

Chocolate coconut cakes

Dragonfruit smoothie and tofu salad sammich

Sweet potato pancakes on the Wholey Wonder grill at lunch, and a naked burger for MM for dinner.

Chips (deep fried in coconut oil) and baked beans (from a can) in a toasted sandwich. I've said it once, and I'll say it a thousand times: I'm not vegan for my health.

Smoothie: papaya, dragonfruit, orange juice, soy milk. Noodles: mee with daikon, seitan, chillis, cabbage and bok choi. Fried in coconut oil with a little soy sauce and curry powder.

Pancake night for me and MM! Potato pancakes (with chilli and bok choi) followed by banana pancakes (with coconut). Bot made with soy milk and regular white wheat flour, dry fried.

Pizza pizza pizza pizza... with Wholey Wonder almond meal in the crust, because it was too sticky. It didn't help much though.

Hearty potato and lentil soup with bread and butter. Just what you need on a sweltering Malaysian winter's day.

I made bee hoon (vermicelli) salad with cucumber, carrot, chilli and tofu for Malaysian Mum. She provided peanut Chinese New Year cookies, I made the almond ones, and the granola bars are Wholey Wonder castoffs.

I tried to make pancakes with only almond meal (and soy and coconut milk). They tasted great, but totally fell apart. Threw in just a little bit of wheat flour, and they held together.

Wholey Wonder is innundated with almond meal, so I made cookies. Unmeasured quantities of almond meal, brown sugar, grapeseed oil, and baking soda; drizzle of vanilla extract. I thought my ratio of sugar to flour would make them crunchy, but almond meal is not flour... so they took much longer to cook than expected (over 30 minutes) and were pretty fally-aparty. A little better once cool. Taste good, because... how can you go wrong with almond?

Green smoothie (kiwi, apple, banana, orange juice)

Testing my new kitchen: peanut salad (with tofu, purple sweet potato, salad stuff); fried noodles (mee goreng); bowl of exciting fruits; chewey banana oat ginger cookies

Almond butter

Chapati, spring rolls, chillis

Ice cream: coconut cream, cocoa, fig syrup, coffee

Various noodles

Chilli and chips

Cashew cheesecake with raspberry

Cashew cheesecake with blueberry base

It looks a bit pants, but it was delicious: vegetables and dumplings in sweet and sour gravy

Late night soup and crisp and mayo sammich (with homemade fried flatbread)

Chillis, my love

Big ass taco salad

Chocolate beet cake

Beet bread

Grilled tacos

Homemade mint lemonade

Grilled tacos


Coconut oil chocolate pie

Chocolate coconut raspberry cake

Oat chocolate made from coconut oil, coconut sugar, and cocoa

Tofu chocolate pie

Emergency code brownie

Pizza with vegetables and daiya, crust from Wholefoods. Melty melty.

Chocolate pie

Homemade pita/chapati with salad and burger.. and fries of course.

Flatbread 'n' beans

Breakfasts. Vegan not-omelette is gram flour (equal parts with water), nutritional yeast, ground flaxseed, herbs and spices, vegetables.

Zucchini courgette noodles with courgette fresh from Mum's garden (plus chilli, tomato, lemon juice, lime juice, soya sauce, sesame seeds).

Two curries and chapati. Lentil and potato; mushroom, kidney bean, tomato, peppers, onions.

'Mince' made with finely chopped cauliflower, chilli tofu, mushrooms, tomato, soy sauce.

Pizza with a base of chickpea flower and flaxseed (fried on the stovetop to solidify before baking to make it crispy) with Tesco jalapeno not-chedder cubed (super melty) and Violife not-parmesan grated (only the bits not directly exposed to the grill melted, the top went dry/crispy) on top.

Grilled not-cheese, with the Tesco jalapeno chedder. Did I mention this melts super well?

Food I made when I was home.

Mum sent me to Gram's with instructions to make lunch from whatever I could find. There wasn't a lot in the cupboards, but I managed to rustle up tomato and mixed peppers soup.

I made curry and chapati for Mum, Dave and J too. Also featured: blue not-cheese (coconut oil based) on toast.

Pasta with not-cheese.. and a chocolate coconut fudge cake.

During today's Social Web WG call I made the best pizza I've ever made. It was helped by four kinds of vegan cheese, three of which were part of the new (to me) Tesco range. I stuffed the crust with Violife, and on top put chunks of Tesco blue cheese and chedder, and covered it liberally with grated mozzarella. Somewhere underneath were red onions, yellow bell pepper and courgette. The base sauce was chilli paste and tomato. The dough is a mix of spelt and wheat flour, and water.

Last week I made a cake, and recalled that I'd put leftover frosting in the back of my fridge in a cup. This is an unknown ratio (because who measure things) of date paste, coconut oil and cocoa, and it is a perfect chocolate mousse!

What a glorious evening.

Pasties stuffed with potatoes, herbs, spices, and not-cheese. Entirely spelt flour pastry, which is pretty dense, but works out.

I coated soy chunks (twice) in a wet batter (soy sauce, sambal, flax egg, oat cream and various spices) and dry (wheat flour, corn flour, nutritional yeast, spices), then deep fried in coconut oil for a few seconds. I covered potato chunks in dry batter and fried those too. It was good with onion and mushroom gravy, and the next day cold with salad and sambal to dip.

Cookies! Wheat flour, spelt flour, baking soda, white sugar, coconut oil, dark chocolate chunks, 8 minutes low oven. Equal parts oil and sugar, 2x flour, take out of the oven whilst still soft. Good texture, but brown sugar will be better.

Chilli. Good with homemade chips, good in cevapi bread, good by the spoon. Mixed beans, leftover mushroom gravy, lentils, sweetcorn, soya mince, tomato puree, sambal, various spices.

Chocolate hazelnut cookies. Equal parts coconut oil and sugar; 2x that of flour (spelt and wheat); baking soda; cocoa; flaxseed; dark chocolate chunks and hazelnut halves. Smaller and flatter than the last batch, improved the texture, but I still need to ditch the white sugar. The coconut oil makes them so creamy. Best after refrigeration.

Omelette made from chickpea flour with a sprinkling of flaxseed, vegetable stock, turmeric, basil; topped with cherry tomatoes, lightly grilled mushrooms, and coconut oil not-cheese.

An approximation of quesadillas

Curry, salad, veggie burger and chips.

Pear and blackberry tart, made with gluten free flour and not quite enough coconut oil. The pastry was not flaky, but the fruit carried it. I ate one slice, and OCCRP wiped out the rest.

I made spicy battered tofu for Elizabeth. Inspired by kung-pao style. The batter was equal parts gluten free flour, cornflour, and water; coated the tofu then deep fried in coconut oil for less than a minute. Turned out fantastic. The sauce is chillis, leek, garlic, ginger, carrots, peppers, peanuts and soya sauce. Spicy. Served with brown rice noodles, and blackberry lemonade.

Quinoa granola (charred). Smoothie.

Avocado mess on toast.

Pasta with vegetables, cabbage, tomato, soya mince.

Cheezey quinoa.

Not-omelette with not-cheese.

Elizabeth and I made stir fry, bbq cauliflower, roasted marrow, and zucchini noodles. We ate most of it.

Celebrating Canadian thanksgiving with pancakes and chocolate banana bread.

Burgers and krompirusa

Cakes, mushroom pie, etc..

Barley with vegetables and tomatoes.

Contributions to the Prana Yoga potluck. Aubergines stuffed with veggies and bulgar wheat, sprinkled with vegan cheese that my mum brought me from the UK. A sugar free beetroot cake with lemon cream cheese icing. The cake turned out a bit weird, but was enjoyed by people who already had weird diets.

Fried tofu with quinoa.

Sugar free chocolate beet cakes.

A chocolate pear cake, anticipating Mum and Julian's 2am arrival in Sarajevo. This was the correct thing to do.

Excessive pizza with vegan cheese from Mum. I used yeast in the dough and let it rise once, and I am never going back.

Various comfort foods... chips, chilli, stews, mac 'n' not-cheese.


Today's Bosnian word of the day is hljeb. With a side of leek and potato soup.

Waaay too sweet cookies. Just brown sugar, flour, raisins, and coconut oil.

Emergency cakes chez Mum. Self-raising flour, bicarb, baking soda, 3 bananas, Vitalite, almond essence, dessicated coconut, and coconut milk until it was the right consistency. Dark chocolate chunks. Shockingly good.

Home comfort food, largely junk.

Some chips, some pizza, some pasta, some pancakes, some tacos, some beans, some coffee muffins, some curry, and a particularly good fried tofu and mushroom sandwich.

Various delicious things I made with chanterelle mushrooms, and some dumplings with soya and berries.

Creative hostel breakfasting.

The great Latvian mushroom adventure.

I bought a bunch of different types of mushrooms from the giant market, all new to me, in various states of decay. Some were bizarrely cheap, some were shockingly expensive. Obviously I had no idea what to expect, so maybe this was all perfectly normal.

When I got home I discovered one batch had some teeny tiny larvae crawling around on them. I rehomed them in the plumbing system, where I am sure they will thrive, and threw out any mushrooms they had thoroughly moved inside of, which was fortunately few.

The giant one is a bolete, and I think the smaller ones that look the same must be as well. I sorted out all of the small probably-boletes and halved them. I threw them in a pan and added naught but heat, and they soon turned into soup all by themselves. I'd rinsed them to try to get rid of some slime, and they just sucked the water right up. It was impossible to remove. See also: photo of me trying to try the big one out with a hair dryer (not successful).

I let them simmer for an hour or more, until they were thoroughly mush, then stuck them in the fridge when they were cool cos I had plans to eat out that night.

When I finally got around to consuming them as soup, they had reduced and gelled up a bit. I reheated them, and added a drizzle of soya sauce, almond milk and a handful of nutritional yeast. The soup was delicious. When I'd been preparing them, the texture and sounds started to really weird me out - I'm not usually squeamish. Fortunately they were just soft and melty in the soup and not weird at all.

The giant bolete, I sliced and fast-fried in vegetable oil. The internet advised me to cook it quick so the outside would go crispy but retain the moisture on the inside. It wasn't really like this; the result was preeetty slimy. It definitely resembled some kind of seafood, not that I know much about that. I could see it as a substitute though.

The more solid mushrooms, a mix of yellow, grey (beautiful grey) and a lonely red one, I lightly sauteed in oil with some salt and pepper. I wanted to keep them pretty unadorned, to taste the mushrooms properly. They made a delicious rich side to seitan sausages and potatoes.

Pancakes with pomegranate and fig syrup; rice pudding with pomegranate and fig syrup. And comfort food.

Greek pastries and coffee. Then I couldn't decide whether I wanted mashed potatoes and gravy or pizza. So I made both. And feasted for the next two days.

Rice cooked with red cabbage makes it purple :D

Bean chilli. Chips and chips and chips.

Various comfort food for myself and others over the course of the summer, in several different kitchens.

Cooking for Elizabeth & co in Harare, Zimbabwe. Much room for mushrooms.

Healthyish vegan junk and hearty dishes in my Mum's kitchen.

'Nut luncheon' is made entirely of peanuts, how bad could it possibly be? Sure it comes in the form of can-shaped pale mush. It surely can't taste as unappetising as it looks? The instructions say grill or fry. I fried it with coriander, cayenne pepper, black pepper and salt. The smell of it frying haunted me all day after. It got a pleasant crispy texture on the outside but the taste still left an awful lot to be desired.

The next time I cubed it and tried thyme, soysauce and Vegeta (MSG), and fried them with mushrooms. That was a bit better, but the bar wasn't high. I was impressed that even Vegeta didn't help.

Maybe it needs marinating in something..?

Delicious homemade things. Banana pancakes, curry, buddha bowl, grah.

Last night I made falafel, based on a recipe by Jack Monroe. I approximately doubled the recipe, and didn't measure or weigh any of the ingredients; subbed the fresh herbs with carrot tops, and threw a clove of garlic in. Delicate application of water and flour to the final mix and it was pretty easy to get them to hold together. Delicious!

Using some of my precious vegan cheese supplies on delicious lasagne (with garlic bread and salad) and pizza (with homemade sweet potato and potato chips).

Isolation Kitchen begins in earnest! I bought a loaf tin along with masses of baking supplies I haven't really bought since I started travelling, so I could fully commit.

Featured here:

  • Ad-hoc buddha bowl
  • Turmeric spicy breakfast rice
  • Khinkali (Georgian dumplings, filled with mushroom or potato)
  • Chocolate coconut cake (sugar free) for the Co-op's 5th birthday
  • The last of my vegan cheese on another lentil lasgane
  • Lemon and poppyseed drizzle cake (sugar-filled)
  • Bean-burgers, made from mashed white beans, carrot, carrottops, and red onion; coated with dry mix of semolina, paprika, turmeric and salt before frying.

Food is so good.

Another week of cooking and baking delicious things.

  • Bean chilli with roasted chard;
  • Oat and flax cookies;
  • Vegetable lasagne (with mushrooms, chard, tomatoes, aubergine and carrot);
  • Classic comfort food, tinned tomatoes on toast;
  • Cornish pasties... shortcrust pastry is an ordeal, ain't it?
  • Purple (beet) risotto;
  • Coffee and hazelnut cake.. WIRED
  • Curried cabbage and dahl, Malaysian street food style;
  • Sprouts! Flaxseeds and chickpeas making progress.