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Balkan jaunts Aug 2019

Sarajevo, Split, Belgrade.

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All roads lead to Sarajevo. This time I cafe worked, saw friends, picked up my new (secondhand) laptop. I ate good thinks like grah, falafel, krompirusa, at Karuzo, and spent a whole day in Zdravo. I was sad to see Dia cafe is closed, but found a Biona vegan food stand at a street food festival! Also got too hot and almost passed out on a tram and some nice passers by called an ambulance for me.

Went to Split, Croatia, to see Dave and Juri. Bankrupted myself by paying for all of their food. Swam in the sea a lot. It was too hot to do much so we sat around in cafes. Did do an accidental 'hike' through Marjan Park.

Two days in Belgrade on the way back to Skopje from Split. Wandering, recovering. Belgrade welcomed me with familiar gloominess, and I walked along a deserted beach at Ada Ciganlija. The next day was sunny, so I went to the fort. Food at Zuwar, Seventh Heaven (maybe the best ice cream I've ever had? Pistachio), the new Vegessence, and finally great seitan cevapi at Mayka!