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Slovenia and Hungary, March 2018

Passing through Ljubljana and Budapest.

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A few days in Ljubljana. Chilling, eating, wandering around.

A few days in Budapest. Some things different from last time, some things the same.

One of the reasons I picked Budapest to transit through was because I spent a full year thinking about the Istvanffi veggie burgers and really wanted to eat one again. I ate several. I also got amazing Vegazzi pizza, though they didn't have the sweet potato and chestnut one any more. VegaCity remains amongst my favourite, and Vegan Love, Las Vegan's and Kozmosz were still fantastic. 827 Speciality Kitchen and Napfenyes Etterem were new and delicious.

I also visited the Budapest History museum in the castle, which was massive and way better than some reviews suggested. And Dandar thermal baths, which has outdoor yin-yang shaped pools and was pretty nice. I walked a lot around both sides of the river, and ran the circumference of Margaret Island.