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Poland, April 2019

Krakow and Warsaw.

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A bit over a week in Krakow. Touristing, cafeworking, but mostly eating. Also a trip to the Salt Mines, and a couple of nice runs by the river.

We caught a bus at 6am for the 1.5 hour ride to the Auschwitz museum. We went at our own pace, and spent about 7 hours reading everything. Apparently the guided tour is 3 hours. Then we took the shuttle to Birkenau for another two or so hours walking around the open spaces. Less to read here, but the size of the place helps to impress the scale of the thing, in a way that hours in museum-type exhibits don't quite.

Having spent the last year visiting Second World War museums in countries all over Eastern Europe, the Baltics and Balkans, I didn't find it as intense as a lot of people seem to. I can understand why people are overwhelmed by coming here when all they have is a UK/Western Europe school-system education about the war (which largely neglects what actually happened across Eastern Europe).

The things affected me most were the huge piles of possessions, like shoes and glasses; some of the first-person stories in the country-specific exhibits; and the fact that similar atrocities are still happening all around the world right now. Bleh.

A week or so in Warsaw, experiencing squat life. Cafeworking, and revisiting my favourite vegan food places, and a bit of touristing as well.