Kanom krok, Laos: food I've never eaten

One day I'd love to visit Laos, and making kanom krok made me even more keen. They are small coconut pancakes, vegan without any modifications, also commonly found as street food in Thailand.

I made the pancake batter up ahead of time and left it in the fridge for a couple of hours. It seemed quite thin. I combined coconut milk (the thickest parts from a can that had separated in the fridge) with rice flour, desiccated coconut, some leftover cooked rice, and brown sugar in the blender. For the filling, I whisked coconut milk (again, the thick part) with a little white sugar and cornstarch. Lacking a proper kanom krok pan, I made do with a muffin tin and the oven on high. I heated the tin to melt coconut oil in each one first, then poured the batter in. It sizzled.

an empty rice flour bag beside a blender jug containing various white powders and liquids a red whisk in a plastic bowl in white creamy mix a jug pouring out a white liquid into muffin tins

Baking these until they had a small skin on top took about 7 minutes. I pulled them out, added the filling, topped with sweetcorn and spring onion, and put them back in for another 12 minutes or so. I could/should have probably cooked them slightly longer to make the edges crispier.

a muffin tin with a pancake in each, topped with sweetcorn and spring onion a close up of a white bowl containing eggy-looking mini pancakes a bowl of eggy-looking mini pancakes in a bowl on a table with a snoozing golden labrador on the floor in the background

They were delicious, if a little soggy or droopy. I waited just long enough for the tin to cool enough to hold it with a tea towel before removing them with a spoon. They came out surprisingly easily and had more structural integrity than they looked like they should. I got eighteen in total out of the mix, and most of the first twelve were eaten before the second batch were done. An eater-of-eggs who tried them swore they would have passed as eggy desserts without question.

They were easy and quick to make, and so so good, I'll definitely be making them again.

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