I've had a fairly satisfactory 24 hours. Some things that needed wrapping up are wrapped up.

This morning I went questing for supplies and got two giant shoti breads, burning hot straight from the tone (underground clay oven thing). Compared to Tbilisi, the ones in Batumi (when you eventually find them) are wide, the size of my chest - in Tbilisi they're narrow, more baguette-y. In both cases they have delicious crispy ends that never make it home. For 1 gel each, you could survive on one of these for a day if you needed to.

I also got some market fruit and veg, and a little pot of what I hope is tkemali (sour plum sauce) but might be a hot chilli paste. We'll find out.

I was a little worried about ending up at a port in Ukraine late at night next week with no language skills and no local money. This morning in the hostel kitchen I met a Ukrainian woman who taught me some useful words and exchanged some of her UAH with GEL for me. So now at least I have bus fare.

I think I know what I'm working on next week, and am prepped to do it offline if necessary. That's also nice.

And the issue of my brother being homeless in Edinburgh next month was resolved yesterday as well. Whew.

So I think I'm all set to without guilt or worry get on a wifi-less ferry of potentially unknown duration across the Black Sea this evening. So if you don't hear from me for a few days, that's why.

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