I wandered around Leipzig for a couple of hours this morning, looking for food. It turns out that lots of places in the city center are open, but the ones which are are packed, full of families being festive. They were also on the fancy and expensive side. None of these appealed. I could not find a fast food place or a supermarket.

Eventually I found myself in the main train station. This is a small bubble of the city where on the 25th of December, life continues as normal. A lot of the food outlets are open, and I enjoyed a coffee and a pretzel in tranquility. I also saw a dm and a smoothie place on my way in, so I can get supplies for later.

I'm sitting in a bakery in the station right now. There are a few people about, and it's interesting to observe the folks who are doing not-christmas things this afternoon. A few families with small kids; people not speaking German to the cashier who probably just arrived or are waiting to depart; old couples and old solos.

Cafes and restaurants in the city center didn't feel like places it was okay to sit alone, even if there was space.

But the train station vibe is safe and comforting.

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