When people lightly cut their hands on TV to drip blood onto something for like a pact or a ritual or for some dark magic thing, part of my mind was always slightly skeptical about the amount that just pours out. Having previously had no experience of hand-slicing, and comparing it to when I've cut my arms or legs on something, it seemed like you'd have to try harder to get that much free-flowing blood from a skin-deep cut.

Anyway I cut my finger making dinner this evening and it immediately generated more than enough to participate in any Klingon ritual you can think of. And it's so bright red!

I have never been queasy at the sight of blood before, but today I guess I was feeling generally off all day, and hadn't eaten much. After a few seconds of staring as it pooled up in my hand and thinking about TV hand-cutting rituals I almost blacked out. Anyway I'm fine now. Back to the pizza.

🏷 life