Some questions about dokieli:

You can 'save as' to somewhere... where exactly?

Your personal data store can be accessible at any URL, you just need write access and a script that understands HTTP requests and dokieli can talk to it. The UI/authentication flow depends on the choices you make about how your server is set up.

... how will it compete with other [centralised] approaches in the editing marketplace?

Well.. dokieli is not trying to take over the world. It's a prototype, to show how we, can decentralise content creation, designed to encourage experimentation in this space.

What happens to annotations when text changes?

You can annotate a static copy of your own. But we have open issues around that.

How do authors know when an article gets a notification?

They can use any LDN consumer to read that inbox.. This is orthogonal to dokieli. An LDN consumer could give them a desktop notification, make their mobile buzz, or print something out of a receipt machine, or whatever is useful for you as an alert.

What about privacy?

Access control is orthogonal, you can apply these rules on your personal data store when you store documents and comments etc.

...and some things to do with trust and provenance.

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