It's about keeping our jobs and keeping publishers in business. It's not about advancing the state of the Web. Boring.

Keeping your job is more important than your research having an impact. Okay fine, you can have that opinion. But get out of my way.

I struggle to relate to pushback against Linked Research ideas because of money/job/norms problems. I get that these are important issues for some people, but I'm so TIRED of people using this to blockade even discussing it. It's like they don't want the status quo to change; it's comfortable. They know one way to keep their job or get funding, and won't contemplate developing others. Use the goverment funding assignment as an excuse. Easy out, no point in bothering, the government will never change. Reinforce this for the next cohort of student. Keep perpetuating the problems for the next generation. This isn't what I want from academia, and I won't play.

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