Stormy evening

I'm sitting on the balcony as waves of rain wash by. It started just before sunset; I noticed a change in the lighting which turned out to be caused by a dense downpour. First the mountains in the distance are consumed, then some of the tower blocks. As I watch, a dark black cloud rolls overhead, distinct against the grey-blue dusk behind. It brings with it bigger droplets, surging straight downwards instead of smattering at angles. The dramatic contrast between the clouds is lost as the sunlight disappears. It's replaced by flashes of yellow, blue, white, even pink, lighting up the inky black night. The flashes are quickly followed by ear-splitting roars, one every few minutes. The rain drowns out the sound of traffic, of anything.

The balcony is set into the building, so I'm well-sheltered, but still the occasional spit of water reaches me. Before the darkness sets in completely, I see birds stumbling through the rain. I don't know how they're holding up under the force of the water.

Gradually the torrent of water lessens, and the sounds of engines re-emerge. The lightning persists, though. And the mosquitoes are waking up. Time to go back inside.

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