Last night I joined the CouchSurfing Penang meetup at coffeeshop/bar Behind 50 on Love Lane. They're a really lively and enthusiastic bunch, locals and travellers alike. They meet every Friday, and frequently arrange adventures.

After a couple of hours and a group photo, they broke into two groups: beer and food. I joined the food party, and we got curry from a 24 hour place in Little India: a huge plate of cabbage, rice and dahl for 3.50myr (about 64p). Rohan, the main organiser, was kind enough to give me a ride home after that, since it was about midnight by then.

They're going on a motorbike trip to the mainland this weekend, to see a ton of attractions and camp overnight. I'd seen the post about it on their CS group a week or so ago, but it read like it was for people who could ride motorbikes... it didn't occur to me to ask if anyone was going in a car with a spare seat. Turns out a few of them are, but now I have other committments this weekend. But I'll certainly be joining their next adventure!

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