Decentralised Social Web Demos at TPAC2016

The demos at today's decentralised social web breakout session went suspiciously well. Some things weren't pretty, but everything basically worked, and none of us had done any special coordinating before hand. We just showed the stuff we worked on, and it fit together fairly coherantly.

Aaron demoed posting a reply with Micropub and behind-the-scenes Webmention sending.

I showed my site feeds and individual posts as ActivityStreams 2.0, plus a screenshot of Chris's emacs-based reader displaying it:

pubstrate reader


Just live demo'ed ActivityPub client-to-server stuff and server-to-server stuff at TPAC and it worked. Yay for live demos not blowing up! - @dustyweb on twitter

demonstrated Pubstrate posting via ActivityPub to his local site, and peer to peer to another. - @t on twitter

Sarven showed LDN, Solid, Web Annotations in dokieli, notifications sent to me displayed in OnScreen, and the LDN spec self-dogfooding with its own annotations on the side.

We had some good questions/discussion about abuse prevention, and uptake.

Hopefully this energy can be sustained through the next two days of WG meetings!

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