I fixed my website.

(Last night I made a checkin, and after that I was getting 'mysql crashed' so I did 'repair' on the tables, and then the homepage and /travel were blank. I imported a backup from 25th but it wouldn't import, said there was a primary key collision. So back to latest db. I couldn't get any useful errors from apache logs, or get PHP to output any. So I narrowed down the Problem blog post by changing the dates it was fetching for the homepage until I narrowed it down to 4th April. One of five posts from 4th of April threw the same error at its own URL. That post had the URL of another post as its published date. I have no idea how that happened So I deleted that post (it was a checkin) and now we're fine. Actually I guess what happened is when I did the mysql repair it screwed up some keys in the database to point the object of the published triple to the id of another post, because ARC2 has this complicated database structure to turn relational into a graph that I haven't bothered to understand properly).

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