API requirements derived from user stories

Draft post, in preparation for posting to SocialWG wiki

So far completed for approved user stories. ~~~~

Note: These requirements are deliberately limited by the contents of the user stories. If things seem obviously missing, this is because they were not referenced in the user stories. I've tried not to over-generalise when summarising them, too.


  1. List required functionality from each user story.
  2. Cluster related functionality, find overlap between stories (see colours/tags).
  3. Organise requirements into shortlist.

Requirements shortlist

In no particular order. Tags/colours map to requirements by story, below.

sub Subscribe to content

pub Publish content

notif Notifications

read Read content

Requirements by story


User posts a note

Reading a user's recent posts

Following a person

Read Social Stream

Integration: Adding recommendations

Integration: Adding comments

Direct messaging

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