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The Sarajevo flea market is enormous and amazing, you can buy anything you dream of there for always less than you expect to pay. I wish it existed everywhere. Probably best it doesn't though because today I bought three dzezvas. I do not need three dzezvas. I am going to pick one dzezva to hang on the outside of my backpack, for when I end up in places with no way to prepare coffee.

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Starting the day with fermented pine juice (? - it tasted vinegary but was also great) in a mountain hut, then a hike around Visocica, followed by late lunch in Konjic and stops to see medieval tombstones with rare and historically important Cyrillic inscriptions, and the river from above. There are no photos which can capture the epic glory of the landscape of Bosnian mountains, but I took a lot anyway. RunKeeper GPS trace.

I once bought into the "if you don't post to your own website you don't have anything valuable to offer on technology" theory but eventually realised there are other things in tech and, shock horror, even the Web, than posting on your own website. I still see it being thrown around as an excuse to dismiss out of hand work that people don't understand immediately and find directly relevant to their specific needs though.

Posting this on my own website, so it must be true.

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