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Week in review: 29 June - 5 July

  • Packed up and cleaned my flat. Roadtripped to the Greek border.. and back again. Unpacked.
  • Had a little jaunt with Albanian police thanks to walking past the buses with my backpack. Came to nothing.
  • Not a very productive week; a bit of nodejs.
  • Attended most of the DID WG remote face-to-face.
  • Swam in the sea.. Still a heatwave.
  • Did paddleboard yoga.
  • Enjoyed a storm at last.
  • Made more doughnuts.
  • A bit of hacking on sloph apps.
  • Watched Shanghai Fortress and Big Fish.. and Stargate.

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Still in Albania.

All the border guards were very nice. The Albanian side let us go double check with the Greeks if they'd let us across before they stamped us out which was good of them. The Greeks said they'd love to let us through but Angela Merkel says they can't. They were just letting Greek citizens over at the moment, not even EU. It's very frustrating that with an EU passport I could fly to Athens from Albania, but not cross the land border. I'm not sure what to do next. Going to take a break from thinking about it for a few days.

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🗁Added 20 photos to album Albania, Mar-Jun 2020.

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I finally got around to taking a photo of (almost) everything I crocheted during lockdown. Just in time to leave most of it behind.

I played with some new combination stitches, and really like an openwork lace one that looks like spiders or palm trees. Decided to combine it with the alternating shell and Y-stitch rows to adapt a cardigan pattern; that's the green in-progress one.

Picked up more soft yellow yarn to finish a summer top, which actually fits properly and is really nice. I'm keeping this one.

On Friday the Greek Deputy Minister of Civil Defense said the Kakavia land border with Albania will not open. Today a "spokesperson for the Greek government" said the Kakavia land border with Albania is on list of border crossings that will open. I still feel like it's sort of a complete 50-50 chance if I'll be leaving Albania this week. Makes it hard to adequately buy groceries. And plan my work schedule. And.. maintain my sanity.

I did waste like 3 hours this morning researching alternatives. Or maybe it won't be wasted! Who knows at this point.

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Week in review: 22 - 28 June

  • An up and down week of not knowing whether or not the Greek border will open for Albania.
  • Getting frustrated at nodejs.
  • Tinkered a bit with sloph posting apps.
  • Crocheted a lot. I can do a chainless foundation row now! Easily? I couldn't do this before. Did it with a half double crochet.
  • Realised I can just make doughnuts. Made them twice. So good. Can't believe I never did this before.
  • Watched/rewatched Man From Earth, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Moneyball... Stargate.
  • Swam in the sea. It got really really hot.
  • ...
  • i dunno, i lose track. my brain is fried.

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