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Week in review: 30 March - 5 April

  • Albanian government introduced a system of asking for a permit by SMS 24 hours in advance of going outside, only for important reasons. Curfew still 5am to 1pm. I didn't leave the flat at all.
  • Worked on memorious crawlers for UK politician declarations of interest.
  • And some DID spec stuff.
  • And some of my own website stuff!
  • Finished the poncho, so cosy.
  • Cooked and baked loads of good stuff.
  • Finished rewatching Avatar: the last airbender, and started Stargate SG1.
  • Read on the balcony (True Names and Old Music & the Slave Woman).

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Another week of cooking and baking delicious things.

  • Bean chilli with roasted chard;
  • Oat and flax cookies;
  • Vegetable lasagne (with mushrooms, chard, tomatoes, aubergine and carrot);
  • Classic comfort food, tinned tomatoes on toast;
  • Cornish pasties... shortcrust pastry is an ordeal, ain't it?
  • Purple (beet) risotto;
  • Coffee and hazelnut cake.. WIRED
  • Curried cabbage and dahl, Malaysian street food style;
  • Sprouts! Flaxseeds and chickpeas making progress.

I use psql and/or interact somehow with a postgres database about once every six months, so because of how my brain (fails to) store information it's a brand new and exciting experience every time. This time also involved a docker-compose network, for added spice.

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Week in review: 23 - 29 March

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