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Monthly budget 145% used (last spent 0.85gbp on First class stamp (Dysart post office))

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Biked into town for veg and it was a beautiful day but ugh I do hate cycling. Sat on Ravenscraig beach to eat a plum to recover.

The next time I just walked. Dave and I spent a day cleaning the old flat, before handing the keys in, then walked all the way back and ate ice cream on our new beach (stoically ignoring the rain) to celebrate.

Caught some obscured sunrises from the new flat.

Discovered Health Foods & More to be a treasure trove of vegan treats and eco household stuff (I thought it was just supplements and alternative medicine)!

Dysart is still so so cute, I feel like I'm on holiday every time I go out. As long as I stick to the coast/port part of the village, I can't even tell I'm in Kirkcaldy..

Week in review: 8th - 14th Feb

  • It was cold AF.
  • Finished Chapterhouse: Dune. Started Navigators of Dune. Brian Herbert's writing is nothing like Frank's so far (in a bad way.. I'm not sure I'll make it through many more of these).
  • Did some work on how to module missing declarations/data in BODS in a standard way.
  • 'Ran out of food' (according to Dave) but still managed to come up with some good meals.
  • Gave lots of stuff away on freegle/freecycle.
  • Went back and forth between new and old flats in the snow.
  • Got up at sunrise for a freegle handover, and went to see snow Seafield.
  • Got a new boiler!!
  • Started painting my new bedroom.
  • Moved all Dave and my stuff to the new place, but spent the first night on the sofa due to aforementioned painting.
  • Got surprise Indian food from The Tiffin (surprise because I forgot I preordered it).

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"No food in the house" this week until the BBL order arrived later than expected.. so I made "no-food" lasagne (soy mince, red lentils, tomato sauce; cream not-cheese in the white sauce), seitan chicken, "no-food" pizza (with seitan chicken, sweetcorn, pickles, tomatoes, and the last two mushrooms) and "no-food" curry (with chickpeas and seitan chicken; we ran out of white rice but I scraped together a mix of brown sushi rice and barley).

Friday brought the veg topup and BBL order (see: burger) to end "no food" week.

I made a chocolate and raspberry cake to round the week off.

The vegan chocolate berry meringue nests are from Roots & Seeds cafe, a delightful surprise find when I was walking into town one day (I knew about the cafe, didn't know they had vegan cake, let alone meringue).