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My new place has a smart TV with Netflix, but I think it must also be connected to the NaNoWriMo API or something..... it won't connect, even when the TV's network connection is fine, netflix isn't blocked on other devices on the same network, YouTube and Amazon Video connect fine... Netflix won't even let me log in, just says there is a problem. So obviously it knows my wordcount is under.

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Fantasy world building is so hard how do people remember all the stuff they made up?? I'm trying to take notes every time I pull a new country/food/animal/side character out of the air so I can reuse things and be consistent but wow it takes a lot of work.

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TFW you don't remember what you wrote about a character seven years ago but you just need to keep writing right now to move the story on, and then when you go back to check you've managed to keep complete continuity entirely by luck. (Or my subconscious firing better than I thought. But I can't remember the names of animals or countries I invented like yesterday so? I think it's luck.)

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On a hill near where I'm staying is an enormous concrete monument to Soviet and Bulgarian Friendship. The views from the top are good. I sat up there to write for a bit, and I caught a nice sunset. Then I went into town for curry at Vege Joy.

Writing with a pen and paper is helping a lot with getting the words out this year. And has fewer distractions than the laptop. Two A4 pages is reliably 750 words, so that helps too. Two pages three times a day, I'm all set.

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