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The good thing about being unfit is that when I do manage to get out for a run 15 mins / 1 mile is enough for the same physical release and seratonin hit that I needed to run 45 mins / 5 miles for when I was in practice. Way more time efficient.

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I'm often late to the party on new day-to-day tech stuff, like how it was mindblowing when I finally got a contactless payment card. Now I have bluetooth headphones and it's soooo freeing.

(If only I could get ubuntu to pair with them, or anything, but you know one thing at a time. They work with my ye olde android phone.)

Person in blue dinosaur hood with wireless headphones and blue hair

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I finally picked a place to live in Bulgaria in November, and what swung it mostly was a chair in the apartment that looks super comfortable and like I could be very productive in that chair. The important things.

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