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Week in review: 16th - 22nd November

  • Weather was all over the place this week, so no long walks but a few nearby beach wanderings.
  • Less brain fog than I've felt in a long time.
  • Persuaded Dave to make bread for the first time ever and it was better than any bread I have ever made. I made a cake.
  • Wrote more javascript than is probably healthy:
    • to fix bugs and add features to Credentials CG minutes publishing infrastructure;
    • to help a friend send multiple hundreds of emails under a set of bizarre constraints for her job, using google appscript;
    • to fix/update some DID spec respec plugins.
  • Some DID spec editorial work.
  • Thinking about policies and mitigations about redundancy, for the Co-op (the idea is to get this sorted before we need it, rather than suddenly having to deal with it in a time of crisis).
  • Irretrievably behind on nanowrimo, but had some nice short writing sessions, including on the beach.
  • Started crocheting a new wallet.
  • Walked to Burntisland and back, fairly spur of the moment.
  • Watched some good movies, including Sorry to Bother you and The Handmaiden.

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Walked to Burntisland today along the coastal path to pick up supplies from Grain & Sustain. Rain swept along the coast at one point, but timed it (totally on purpose of course) so that it was going in the opposite direction to us and we just passed through it for a few minutes. Almost got wet feet on the tramp across Burntisland's enormous beach. Then, because it's Sunday and the train schedule is silly, also walked back. Glad to have Dave along to carry the groceries. A lovely sunset and bright moon. GPS trace, 12 miles total.

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Between us, Dave and I have made various tasty pasta, noodle and rice dishes over the past few weeks. Dave is also getting into making 'omelettes' with chickpea flour.

I made a keto-friendly cauliflower rice dish with tofu and almond sauce.

We both made bread, and Dave's was way better than mine even though it was the first time he ever made it and had to sub in some wholemeal flour cos we ran out of white. We used the bread for burgers, sandwiches, and with soup.

I made a chocolate cake with blackberry coconut frosting.

Just enough rice leftover for a sushi roll yesterday lunchtime (and a Gregg's not-sausage roll, the two best rolls).

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Misc sunrises from my window. This week has had bright clear mornings and rainy grim rest-of-days.

Except for Thursday, which was clear all day, though freezing, and in the evening the sky and sea were vivid, almost glowing. I've never seen it so intense.