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Had to call the bank (HSBC) yesterday. Did all the security clearances and stuff. Extra ones cos I don't call often and had forgotten most super secret codes.

"Is it Miss or Mrs?"

"Uh.. Dr."

"Okay then. Next we just need to... can I call you Miss or Mrs?"

"............ you can call me Amy?"

The operative did proceed to call me Amy after that, but I'm even in the banks records as Dr (finally). Anyway can we just normalise gender neutral and not-marital-status-related honorifics please? Or just like, names. Which is what they're for.

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We must send so much information to the letting agency, enough to steal our identities! And it's so complicated to get it all together. Oh and money too. More money! And it's urgent!! Send it right now!!!

And they will send the tenancy agreement "shortly" (hours ago, still waiting). The electrical and gas safety certificates are "to follow" (days ago, still waiting). Oh and by the way they don't work on Fridays or at the weekend, or after 5pm.

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Week in review: 14th - 20th Sept

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Have I mentioned how beautiful Edinburgh is?! Of course the sun only came out on the days I had to stay inside and work, but I did manage to have lunch and go for a run around Holyrood.

Breakfasts from bbl (who have an amazing vegan deli these days) and doughnuts from ConsiderIt.

One thing I love about travelling on a monthly cadence is that if I stay in a place that is unpleasant or uncomfortable or annoying in some way, it doesn't matter cos I'm not there for long. So I'm thrilled to find Scotland have encoded this in their tenancy laws! There's no minimum lease period now, you just pay one month's rent ahead and have to give 28 days notice. This is so empowering for tenants, and makes flat hunting a lot less stressful.

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