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I accidentally made seitan the other day. I was trying to make a not-omelette (aka nomelette) and was mixing the equal parts flour and water with all the seasonings and stuff but it was going springy instead of batter-y?! I'd grabbed wheat gluten instead of gram flour. Fortunately it was a totally valid seitan mix so I stuck it in the fridge and started again. Now I'm frying it for a stirfry and it's super. Good job, past me.

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Got offered some big jars on Freegle, but they were in Dundee. So made a day of it, and went to various new woodlands on the way for foraging.

Got a good haul of chanterelles (from very close to home actually), plus a few boletes, a ton of amethyst deceivers (or are they?? yes they are.. some doubt for a while because the caps were super pale, but they do that as they age and/or dry out - rehydrated them to get the glorious purple back to convince myself), and several new mushrooms to bring home to ID. Also found my first wood blewit, but unfortunately the slugs had found it first and all that was left was the - admittedly very distinctive - stem.

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A visit to the woods on my doorstep. We were hoping for more chicken of the woods, but it seems like it's beefsteak fungus season! This deeply disturbing bracket fungus which bleeds and wobbles like raw meat is found mostly on oak trees, anywhere from by the ground to way up high.

We levelled up on this foray though - mushrooms up to 11 feet high are no longer safe from us due to my unexpected new skill of precariously and hilariously balancing on R's shoulders.

Also a great haul of puffballs. And a few late hen of the woods.